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Topic: How Cultural Diversity Improves Your Bottom Line

Guest Speaker: Bill Synnot

Join us on March 6th to hear from Bill Synnot on how Cultural Diversity Improves your Bottom Line. 

Bill's business and management experience supports the research finding that culturally-diverse organisations out-perform others by around 25%.  

Cultural diversity helps create diversity in thinking, attitudes, mindsets, etc. and reduces groupthink. This results in staff identifying a greater range of opinions, solutions, etc to choose from when considering the challenges, opportunities, threats, issues, etc that any organisation is facing. Diversity, therefore, increases the likelihood that the most suitable solution(s) will be selected. 

Bill will explore concepts, techniques, etc that he has found effective when working in culturally challenging environments to improve an organisation's performance.

Guest Speaker: Bill Synnot

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Date: Tuesday, 6th March
Time: 6:30 to 8:30 am
Location: Colmslie Hotel
Price: $45
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