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President's Report

Commonwealth Games

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President's Report

Social Media with Mel Kettle

A great presentation this month on Social media for Business from Mel Kettle (Mel Kettle consulting). Mel discussed how to use social media to engage clients and the fact that only 47% of small business currently use social media , meaning missed opportunities in the market. She showed us how to use social media to increase trust and engagement with clients thereby strengthening relationships and your brand.

Our newest member Kay Edgar from Kats Automotive was our business of the mon ... Read more

President's Report

Business Success with Stuart Ayling

Welcome to Spring and our guest speaker this month was Stuart Ayling from Pathfinder Advisors who presented 'The 4 Unstoppable Forces Shaping the Future of Your Business'  

1. Coping with business at the speed of light
2. The new paradigm of staff engagement
3. The dashboard revolution
4. Your business as a saleable asset

An interesting and thought provoking presentation about how you can manage the change.

Our newest bu ... Read more

President's Report

August 1st with Terri Copper

At our August breakfast we heard from Terri Cooper the new Small Business Liaison Manager for the Brisbane City Council. This is a great initiative of the council for small business owners 
Terri explained how her role has been created to help time poor small business owners to become aware of and connected to the numerous initiatives available from the Council to support businesses and to understand and access relevant support if and when required. The council now has a 24 hour business hotline 133 263 ... Read more

President's Report

LinkedIn guru Julie Mason

Welcome to the new financial year, we trust that everyone had a profitable year last year and we look forward to a better 2017-2018 FY for all our members.
We trust that our guest speaker this month, Julie Mason provided the motivation and the knowledge to kick start the year with making some useful connections on Linkedin. Julie showed us how to use Linkedin as your silent salesperson to build relationships rather than collecting connections and use the golden rule 'treat others the way you want to be treated' on LinkedIn...that means donESCAPE_QU ... Read more

President's Report

3D Printing with Victor Vicario

Welcome to winter everyone! It was a terrific turnout for Breakfast at Sunrise with our guest speaker, Victor Vicario from Vector Innovation. Victor spoke about 3D Printing and its many applications. While 3D printing is quite expensive to use on a large scale, as it is presently in its infancy, we will see that 3D printing will become more cost effective as its usage among business increases. Its applied uses are many and varied and really do open up a world of possibilities into the future. Vic ... Read more

President's Report

What is the Value of your Business

This month we looked at the value of your business when you want to sell and succession planning. We had two guest speakers Michelle Wright from Connect Business Brokers who took us through the key points to consider before selling your business and how long you should plan and prepare prior to selling.
Our other guest speaker was Steve Morton from Moffat and Morton Taxation and Business Advisers who took us through how to manage buy-outs and buy / sell arrangements, share buy backs and th ... Read more

President's Report

Data and Social Media Management

April's guest presenter Dr Daniel Angus gave a fascinating insight into the way algorithms work and their role in modern communication and media. Some of the interesting examples he provided were 2/3 of movies watched on Netflix are chosen based on a recommendation,  1/3 of purchases made on Amazon are made from a recommendation and the series "House of Cards" was created as a result of data that ... Read more